Positive energy


Before writing some passages on positive energy, I pause for a few seconds and looked out of the windows of my residence. I see the leaves of a nearby tree dancing in the wind. I open the windows wide and let the wind come inside. As the cool breeze runs over my body, I feel like dancing. I don’t find any reason not to dance. In fact, when the wind blows, it deeply moves life and inspiring it to burst into dance. Only rocks remain unmoved in such ambiance. This is positive energy, something that moves a living being to the height of ecstasy. I am glad that I am sharing my experiences on positive energy and I hope it will move you if you allow yourself to absorb it. Energy is anything that invokes a reaction inside a sentient being. Especially, positive energy makes us feel good, elated or sometimes causes us to burst into laughter. But negative energy causes the opposite. I can’t find words to express how important it is to focus on positive aspect of things and transmit positive energy to receive the same. In fact, each and every person is a transmitter and a receiver both at the same time. If the message we transmit spreads positive energy, it returns multiplied exponentially. To boost positive energy within oneself, the best thing to do is going beyond everyday experiences. Most of the time, distractions by the little concerns of life suck our energy. We must find time to put aside all petty concerns and enter into the deepest core of life, into our pure being. That sacred space inside is filled with positive energy. We can’t believe our eyes that such abundant amount of energy is stored inside! At that moment, we realize we are the spirit living in human form! We lack nothing, we are blessed and we can share these blessings with each and everyone. The purpose of life is to feel ecstasy and expand it. Life is deeply meaningful and the poets who blamed life as ‘full of sound and fury signifying nothing’ have failed to see life in its wholeness. Once we are grateful for our health and well-being, positive energy starts showering upon us. We feel like we are the center of the universe. We don’t need to look anywhere to fulfill our desires. Nothing else is far from us. We realize that all that looks separate and different is in fact One and the same. All we can do is look at the open sky and express gratitude. Being born as a human being is a matter of pride and joy. No theory, no ready-made system, no books ever written can reveal the hidden treasures inside. All it takes is one should learn to go with the flow, be alert and stay unaffected by the whims and vanities of the maddening crowd. Learning to live fearlessly without the need for validation or approval from the crowd is rewarding. This way, one learns to experience life without barriers. The joy of living at the level of pure, undiminished consciousness is unparalleled. Positive energy is contagious. If we are among the people with positive energy, we immediately feel the rejuvenating atmosphere. To attract health, wellness and vitality, we must stop circulating negative thoughts and feelings. As a conscious being, every moment we have a choice, to be at peace or to be in resistance. If we choose to be at peace, we attract positive energy; if we resist we create negative vibes. When we are enthusiastic about what we do, we feel a lot of positive energy. The more we learn to accept ourselves, the more we attract positive energy.  While we find some quiet time for doing nothing and stand still, immediately we attract the vibes of positive energy floating around in the cosmos. We feel like nothing else is needed, there is nowhere to go or not much is to be achieved. This way, we have access to abundant energy. This very energy is the source of love, joy and creativity. It results into more smiles, compassion and empathy with all. Listening to the birds or to one’s favorite music, reclining on the lap of nature or smiling to people, following the witnessing consciousness or contemplating the words of wisdom can trigger the flow of positive energy. All these activities connect us with the Higher Source. Less than that cannot and should not satisfy us. ‘I am the most positive person I know.’ This phrase works like a mantra to attract abundant positive energy and feel at high heaven. All one needs is to remember the mantra again and again.