8 YouTube channels to watch (NEPAL EDITION)


YouTube was first launched in 2005 and took the word ‘celebrity’ to a whole new level. Since then, this generation has been running after the internet celebrities who are what they are just because they made a YouTube channel and got creative with their cameras.

Nepalis also chose to be a part of the popular video streaming site and paved a brand new career path to entertain and educate others. There are YouTubers who have been able to turn their video making hobby into a full-time job while some just do it for fun.

Here, we don’t look at the number of subscribers or views but the uniqueness in their content. Not in a specific order, we list down eight Nepali YouTubers whose effort is worth a mention.

  • Promise Tamang Phan ( dope2111)

Promise Tamang, now known as Promise Tamang Phan is a YouTube makeup artist popularly known for her transformation into different famous people and characters. She has uploaded makeup transformation into Beyonce, Tinker Bell, Snow White, Harley Quinn, and even Bruno Mars.

Born Pratigya Tamang, she is originally from Gorkha and is married to Steve Phan.

The first YouTube video she posted was a dance video. Later, she posted her transformation into Avatar’s Navis on Facebook. People started asking for a tutorial on that makeup and that’s when her journey as a makeup artist started.



 Ayush Rimal

Before Ayush Rimal moved to the USA, he used to make videos here from Nepal.

He started making YouTube videos in 2013 after receiving a video camera as a gift from his parents. He rose to fame when he made sarcastic videos about Nepali lifestyle. His videos are relatable, hence popular.

He also uploads on Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


  • Prankster Revival

Prankster Revival is a group of 3 youngsters, Ashish, Uttam and Sabnam who perform pranks on people, carry out social experiments; overall they entertain the viewers in their own unique way.

Their popular uploads include, ‘You are dating with my girlfriend’, ‘Speaking foreign language in Nepal’, and ‘Pickup gone kissing’.



  • Nepali Pranksters

These are other young-bloods that are popular for their live footage of 2015 earthquake. While they were filming a video, Nepal was shaken by 7.6 Richter scale earthquake. They managed to film almost 20 minutes of the heartbreaking disaster.

Apart from that they do pranks and carry out social experiments.


nepali pranksters

  • Explore Gadgets

Explore gadgets is a tech channel that gives informational on latest gadgets and unique tech ideas. Moreover, the channel also gives out leaks, game reviews, hacks, comparisons and how-tos.

It is run by Prabhat Yadav, Sohil Shrestha, Saphal Adhikari, and Ayush Bista.



  • Random Nepali

‘A Random Nepali who speaks on Nepalese issue through Facebook, blogs and YouTube videos.’

Rastra Bimochan Timalsena, known as Random Nepali sketches most of his videos and speaks about Nepali issues. He is relatable, hence loved by Nepali youngsters. He makes videos on matters that we have in our mind but not quite in words. He started vlogging in August 2015.


  • Elegant Rosy

Elegant Rosy is a beauty blogger who does makeup tutorials, skincare, and home remedies. She joined in 2016 and gained popularity in a very short time.

‘How to get long hair fast!! Magical Hair Growth Serum For Hair Loss ,Grow Hair Faster In 1 Month’  is her most popular upload.


  • Prism Koirala

Prism Koirala came in light when he uploaded his video, ‘Reaction to Neha’s Video! (TruthShit of Boys and Girls both) (PARODY)’

Neha, a 14-year-old girl had uploaded a video bashing boys only to get criticized and collect a lot of hate. He reacted to this video and gained a lot of followers.

He has also made a video impersonating Aayush Rimal.